Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The game is stuck on a white screen when I try to play, what can I do?
Let the game load for a few minutes. A white screen means your browser is downloading and caching the client.

What are the controls?
WASD or arrow keys to move. Spacebar to interact with things. See list of hotkeys below.

I forgot my password, how can I reset it?

Can you run?
You can’t run, but you can buy a bike at the Cerulean Bike Shop.

How can I battle another player?
Type “/battle username” into the chat, replacing “username” with the target’s name.

How can I trade another player?
Type “/trade username” into the chat, replacing “username” with the target’s name.

How do I reorder my Pokemon?
Drag the Pokemon’s image icon at the top of the screen to the image icon of the Pokemon you want to switch with.

How do I interact with NPCs and other things?
Using the spacebar.

How do I store my Pokemon?
Interact (spacebar) with a PC in a Pokecenter and drag the Pokemon icon at the top of the screen onto the storage screen.

How can I create a clan?
You can create a clan at the Clan Registration Center in Saffron City for $100,000.

How do I send a private message to another player?
You can send a private message to another player by typing @ before the player’s name, and then the message, ie @username this is a private message sent to username.

Is there any way to talk in the clan chat in the global chat?
You can send a clan message directly from the global chat if you put a % before the message.

What timezone is the server in and when is day/night?
The server uses UTC time and daytime is considered 6am-9:59pm, while nighttime 10pm-5:59am

How can I access Johto?
You can access Johto by beating the Kanto Elite Four then heading south from the Pokemon Reception Gate found at Route 22.

How can I access Hoenn?
You can access Hoenn by beating the Johto Elite Four then heading west from the Pokemon Reception Gate, then north of Route 28.

Are there any hotkeys?
B – will use your bike if you have one
F – will fish with the best rod your have in your inventory
I – will open the inventory
C – will open the clan interface
M – will open the map
TAB – will automatically write the name of the last person you PM’d into the chatbox in PM form
ALT – will automatically write the name of the last person that PM’d you into the chatbox in PM form

How can I give my pokemon a held item?
Drag the item from your inventory onto the grey square in the pokemon summary. Only certain items can be held.

How do I get/use cut?
to cut trees: defeat Misty, get ticket from Bill at end of route 25, go to SS Anne in Vermillion and see Capt. Now when in front of tree press spacebar

How do I move Snorlax?
You need the pokeflute. To get pokeflute: get flash, go through rock tunnel to lavender, take underground passage to celadon casino, get silph scope, return to lavender and go to top floor of the tower to get flute, now the snorlax will be gone from the paths.

How do I get Flash?
To get Flash, catch ten different species of pokemon, go through Diglett‘s Cave toward Viridian and talk to Oak’s Assistant. Double click the HM in your inventory then click on a pokemon to use it. It works automatically when you enter a cave as long as the pokemon is in your current team.

How do I fish?
You need a fishing rod. To get a fishing rod: check the marketplace, or head to Vermilion City, Fuchsia City, or Route 12 for the old, good, and super rods respectively. After acquiring a rod face water and press F or double click on it in your inventory.

Are there any better searching options for the global marketplace?
You can add -nature at the end of a search to view pokemon that have a specific nature, ie: “haunter -sassy”