Celadon City

A large city that contains a number of big buildings, Celadon City has many happenings in here. First of all, it has the biggest Department Store with items not found in other Pokémarts, so you could check it out. Rocket Game Corner is also located here where you could play the slot machine. Casino Tokens can be won from the slots which is used to exchange rare prizes in the Prize Shop. You could also fish in the small pond located in the middle of the city.

Click to see Wild Pokemon

Wild Pokémon of Level 5 – 10 are encountered here:
Pokémon Type Method Rarity Rate
Normal Member Gold Member
Pokemon Magikarp Magikarp Water Fishing Common 99.32% 98.98%
Pokemon Grimer Grimer Poison Fishing Rare 0.68% 1.02%
Pokemon Tentacool Tentacool Water Poison Surfing Common 98.22% 98.83%
Pokemon Koffing Koffing Poison Surfing Rare 0.68% 1.02%
Pokemon Slowpoke Slowpoke Water Psychic Surfing Very Rare 0.05% 0.075%
Pokemon Psyduck Psyduck Water Surfing Very Rare 0.05% 0.075%

The Celadon Prize Shop can also be found here, click here to see the shop and it’s items.

Rocket Hideout
Celadon Gym


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