Cerulean Gym

A straightforward path leads you to the gym leader, Misty. However, you will be stopped by 2 Pokémon Trainers on your way to her. This gym focus on Water-type Pokemon, so avoid bringing Rock, Ground or Fire-type Pokémon. Only Electric or Grass-type moves will deal double damage, in addition, Ghost, Dark and Bug-type as well to Misty‘s Starmie.

Trainers who have chosen Charmander as their starter may have a difficult time here, therefore it may be wise to have a few other Pokémon with you. You may have to find an Oddish or Bellsprout in Route 24 to help you, both having Grass-type moves. However, be careful when dealing with Misty‘s Psyduck as its Confusion may deal huge damage to these 2 Poison-type Pokémon. For Bulbasaur, the same tips similar to Oddish and Bellsprout applies. Squirtle is neither weak or strong against Water-type, hence catching some Grass-type Pokémon will help to speed up your battle.

Misty‘s Starmie is a challenge not only due to its high speed and special attack, but its move Recover can restore half of its HP as well. Knowing the powerful Hydro Pump, it can often strike first and 1-hit KO weak Pokémon if Hydro Pump does not missed. Grass-type Pokémon like Paras, Oddish or Bellsprout will be able to deal with Starmie. Rattata‘s Bite can also inflict serious damage as well.

Trainers Pokémon Type Level Moves
SwimmerLuis Pokemon Horsea Horsea Water 16 Water Gun
Pokemon Shellder Shellder Water 16 Icicle Spear Protect Supersonic
PicnickerDiana Pokemon Goldeen Goldeen Water 19 Water Pulse Horn Attack Supersonic
Gym LeaderMisty Pokemon Staryu Staryu Water 18 Rapid Spin Recover Camouflage Swift
Pokemon Horsea Horsea Water 18 Bubble Beam Leer Focus Energy Bubble
Pokemon Goldeen Goldeen Water 18 Horn Attack Water Pulse Supersonic Tail Whip
Pokemon Psyduck Psyduck Water 19 Confusion Water Gun Disable Water Pulse
Pokemon Starmie Starmie Water Psychic 20 Hydro Pump Swift Water Gun Recover

Upon Misty‘s defeat, you will get the Cascade Badge, which allows access to the house with a police officer standing in front. Another new badge to your collection! After healing at Pokécenter, go north of Cerulean City to Route 24.


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