Crafting Guide

To craft items open your Inventory and click on “Crafting”, this opens the Crafting UI. From here you can drag the required materials from your Inventory into the Crafting UI to Craft various Items.
Please note that the materials are consumed upon a successful Craft.


5 World Blessings = 1 Enhanced World Blessing
Ancient Key (Tooth Half) + Ancient Key (Loop Half) = Ancient Key (untradeable)*
Stardust + Silk + Miracle Berry = Ability Capsule
Moonstone = Stardust
Macho Brace + Effort Brace = Golden Effort Brace**
Feather of Zapdos or Feather of Moltres or Feather of Articuno + Legendary Bait = Zapdos or Moltres or Articuno Enhanced Feather
Steel Wire + Metal Coat + Super Rod = Steel Rod > Requires fishing level 50
Steel Rod + Master Ball = Master Rod (untradeable) > Requires fishing level 100
* Ancient Key opens the Ancient Cavern in Hoenn where Goomy and the Ancient Dungeon is.
** Macho Brace doubles EVs gained and halves speed when in use. Effort Brace prevents exp gain. Golden Effort Brace doubles EVs gained, doesn’t lower the holders speed, while preventing experience gain.

Ingredient Locations

Tooth half of the key can be found in the Philanthropist Point shop in Saffron for 15,000 PP or in the Master shop for 1kk
(1 million) *
Loop half of the key can be found as a drop in Altering cave in Hoenn or bought with 1200 Clan war tokens *
Stardust can be obtained as a rare drop in Mt Moon and Mt Silver, and can also be crafted with 1 Moonstone
Silk can be obtained as a rare drop in Viridian Forest and Ilex Forest
Miracle Berries can be obtained as a rare drop in Berry Forest
Macho Brace is a Casino prize costing 40k Casino Tokens
Effort Brace is from the Credit Store for 450 Credits
Legendary Bait is a drop from the Ancient Dungeon
Steel Wire has a chance to be dropped from Steel-type pokémon
Metal Coat has a chance to be dropped from Onix and Scyther
Master Ball is in Master shop costing 10kk (10 million)**
*Both Key halves on their own are untradeable as well as the final crafted one
** Access is gained to master shop by winning weekly exp or a buying a pass with 1200 pvp tokens

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