Credit Shop

The Credit Shop is a custom Pokemon-Planet feature which allows players to donate currency for special in-game items. All items located in the Credit Shop can be traded in-game.

It can be accessed by clicking the yellow satchel icon credit-shop in the bottom-left corner of the game.

You must use real money to buy Credits
Donation Amount (USD) Credits Received
$2.00 200
$5.00 500
$10.00 1000
$25.00 2500
$50.00 5000
$100.00 10000

Credit Shop

Normal MemberGold Member
7 Day Gold MembershipGold Membership for 7 days.
+50% exp and money
+50% UC/R/VR/ER encounter rates
+20% shiny encounter rate
10% Credit Shop Discount
200 Credits180 Credits
30 Day Gold MembershipGold Membership for 30 days.
+50% exp and money
+50% UC/R/VR/ER encounter rates
+20% shiny encounter rate
10% Credit Shop Discount
700 Credits630 Credits
World Blessing25% experience for all players on the server for 1 hour.300 Credits270 Credits
Mystery BoxContains a random prize.80 Credits72 Credits
Evolutional Stone BoxContrains a random evolutional stone.250 Credits225 Credits
TM BoxContains a random TM.200 Credits180 Credits
Pokémon BoxContains certain random pokemon.1,000 Credits900 Credits
EV ResetFeeding this to a Pokémon will reset all EVs.50 Credits45 Credits
Item BombGives prizes to random online players other than the person who used it.1,000 Credits900 Credits

Decoration Shop

Normal MemberGold Member
Aerodactyl WingsDecorative Aerodactyl Wings.500 Credits450 Credits
Articuno WingsDecorative Articuno Wings.500 Credits450 Credits
Beautifly WingsDecorative Beautifly Wings.500 Credits450 Credits
Butterfree WingsDecorative Butterfree Wings.500 Credits450 Credits
Charizard WingsDecorative Charizard Wings.500 Credits450 Credits
Charizard X WingsDecorative Charizard X Wings.500 Credits450 Credits
Charizard Y WingsDecorative Charizard Y Wings.500 Credits450 Credits
Dragonite WingsDecorative Dragonite Wings.500 Credits450 Credits
Ho-oh WingsDecorative Ho-oh Wings.500 Credits450 Credits
Lugia WingsDecorative Lugia Wings.500 Credits450 Credits
Masquerain WingsDecorative Masquerain Wings.500 Credits450 Credits
Mega Pinsir WingsDecorative Mega Pinsir Wings.500 Credits450 Credits
Moltres WingsDecorative Moltres Wings.500 Credits450 Credits
Ninjask WingsDecorative Ninjask Wings.500 Credits450 Credits
Salamance WingsDecorative Salamence Wings.500 Credits450 Credits
Skarmory WingsDecorative Skarmory Wings.500 Credits450 Credits
Yanma WingsDecorative Yanma Wings.500 Credits450 Credits
Zapdos WingsDecorative Zapdos Wings.500 Credits450 Credits
Zubat WingsDecorative Zubat Wings.500 Credits450 Credits
Aqua BandanaDecorative Aqua Bandana.500 Credits450 Credits
Backwards CapDecorative Backwards Cap500 Credits450 Credits
BandanaDecorative Bandana500 Credits450 Credits
Bandana 2Decorative Bandana 2500 Credits450 Credits
Bunny EarsDecorative Bunny Ears500 Credits450 Credits
CapDecorative Cap500 Credits450 Credits
Chinchou AntennaeDecorative Chinchou Antennae500 Credits450 Credits
Cowboy HatDecorative Cowboy Hat500 Credits450 Credits
FedoraDecorative Fedora500 Credits450 Credits
Magma HoodDecorative Magma Hood500 Credits450 Credits
Ninja MaskDecorative Ninja Mask500 Credits450 Credits
Panda HeadDecorative Panda Head500 Credits450 Credits
Pikachu HatDecorative Pikachu Hat500 Credits450 Credits
Teddiursa HatDecorative Teddiursa Hat500 Credits450 Credits
Top HatDecorative Top Hat500 Credits450 Credits
Ampharos TailDecorative Ampharos Tail500 Credits450 Credits
Marill TailDecorative Marill Tail500 Credits450 Credits
Mew TailDecorative Mew Tail500 Credits450 Credits
Pikachu TailDecorative Pikachu Tail500 Credits450 Credits
Crobat WingsDecorative Crobat Wings500 Credits450 Credits


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