Drop Items and Locations

TM TypeDropped byMost common in
BugAll Bug types(Deep) Viridian Forest
DarkAll Dark types
DragonAll Dragon typesKanto Safari (fishing)
ElectricAll Electric typesPower Plant
FairyAll Fairy typesMt Moon
FightingAll Fighting typesCerulean Cave F1
FireAll Fire typesHellfire Cave
FlyingAll Flying types
GhostAll Ghost typesJohto Safari Forest
GrassAll Grass types
GroundAll Ground typesJohto Safari Desert
IceAll Ice typesIce Path
NormalAll Normal typesRoute 16
PoisonAll Poison typesJohto Safari Marshland
PsychicAll Psychic typesJohto Safari Peak
RockAll Rock types
SteelAll Steel typesGranite Cave 3
WaterAll Water typesTurtle Cove (fishing)


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