Halloween Event 2016

Halloween Maps (artwork and design by Rory)

  • talk to a witch NPC in any Pokecenter and you’ll have an option to teleport to the Corn Maze.
  • after reaching the end of the corn maze you’ll enter a Haunted Forest. All pokemon here have a chance to drop Brains when caught or defeated, which can be redeemed for special prizes from the Halloween Store.
  • the Haunted Forest map also features brand new Halloween-themed pokemon ready to be caught.
  • the new Halloween Maps are instanced– only 30 players can be on a single ‘instance’ of a map before a new one is created. This should reduce client-side lag.
  • wild pokemon levels on these maps are scaled based on your current pokemon team.
  • the Halloween Store can be accessed by talking to any Witch NPC. The most notable item is the Trick or Treat bag, which when opened grants a random prize. You can even get credit shop items!

Limited Time Items in the Credit Shop

  • IV resets have been added to the Credit Shop and can be purchased for 500c (450c) each.
  • Duskull Masks and Devil Wings have been added as limited edition items, and can be purchased for 500c (450c) each. These items won’t be obtainable again, so get them while you can! To any players who previously purchased Devil Wings from the PP shop and want to be refunded, send me a private message. This does not apply to players who purchased Devil Wings from the credit shop.

Bonus Experience

  • a global +50% experience rate boost has been applied. +100% experience will be applied during Halloween Day. These boosts stack with all other boosts, including blessings and the Legendary Altar.

Bonus Credits

  • receive 10% more credits when donating. Just donate as usual and the bonus credits will automatically be added. Thanks for the support!



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