HM01 – Cut


Cut allows you to cut down small trees that block certain paths. To obtain cut you must have an S.S Anne Ticket, this can be obtained from Bill on Route 25, he lives in the house with the green roof.

Vermillion City

Once you have the Ticket proceed to Vermillion City, on the south side of the city there will be a pier extending south, follow the pier and this should load the next area, S.S Anne.

S.S Anne

You will be in SS Anne F1 after entering. To get the HM Cut, go up Stair 1, followed by Stair 3, then speak to the Captain and he will give you the HM. Before leaving the ship, you could go up Stair 2 to battle two trainers for extra money and experience.

Trainers Pokémon Type Level Moves
SailorTrevor Pokemon Machop Machop Fighting 17 Leer Karate Chop Low Sweep Focus Energy
Pokemon TentacoolTentacool Water Poison 17 Constrict Toxic Spikes
Sailor Pokemon Machop Machop Fighting 18 Leer Karate Chop Low Sweep Focus Energy
Pokemon Shellder Shellder Water 18 Icicle Spear

Leave the ship and teach the HM Cut to a Pokémon before setting off to Vermillion Gym. To teach the HM, the chosen Pokémon must be in your party, then open your inventory by pressing I, double-click on the HM and move your mouse to the box with your chosen Pokémon name, HP or Exp Bar at the top of the screen. The box should now be highlighted. Click on it and if the chosen Pokémon is able to learn the HM Cut, a moveset box will pop up, asking you which move should be forgotten. Not all Pokémon can learn the HM.

To cut small trees, face the tree and press Spacebar. Make sure the Pokémon with the HM Cut must be in your party for it to works.


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