Johto Walktrough

Route 26
Route 27
New Bark Town
Route 29
Cherrygrove City
Route 30
Route 31
Violet City
Sprout Tower
Violet Gym
Route 32
Union Cave
Route 33
Azalea Town
Slowpokes Well
Azalea Gym
Ilex Forest
Route 34
Goldenrod City
Goldenrod Gym
Route 35
National Park
Route 36
Route 37
Ecruteak City
Cianwood Gym
Olivine Gym
Route 42
Mahogany Town
Route 43
Lake of Rage
Rocket Hideout
Mahogany Gym
Radio Tower
Goldenrod Underground
Route 44
Ice Path
Blackthorn City
Blackthorn Gym
Dragon’s Den
Route 45
Dark Cave
Route 46
Johto Elite 4

This walkthrough is a work in progress and is still incomplete.


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