Pewter Gym

Being the first gym that you challenge, Pewter Gym specializes in Rock-type Pokémon. For players who have chosen Bulbasaur or Squirtle as your starter Pokémon, this gym will be easy as a breeze due to the type advantage they have on Brock‘s Pokémon. For those with Charmander, it is better to have some back-up Pokémon in your party. A Mankey from Route 22 or a Butterfree by evolving Caterpie from Viridian Forest will do great in this gym, since Rock-type is weak to Fighting-type moves, while Butterfree‘s Confusion will deal huge damage to Brock‘s Pokémon due to their low Special Defense. Avoid bring Flying or Electric Pokémon. Normal-type moves should be avoided as well, as they only deal half the damage to Rock-type Pokémon.

Trainers Pokémon Type Level Moves
Camper Liam Pokemon Geodude Geodude Ground Rock 10 Tackle Rock Polish Mud Sport Defense Curl
Pokemon Sandshrew Sandshrew Ground 11 Rollout Swift Rapid Spin Poison Sting
Gym LeaderBrock Pokemon Geodude Geodude Ground Rock 11 Rollout Tackle Rock Polish Mud Sport
Pokemon Onix Onix Ground Rock 14 Rock Tomb Rock Throw Rage Curse

The Boulder Badge will be awarded to you upon Brock‘s defeat and it is recorded in your trainer card (To open, look at the bottom left corner and click on the button with a white card on it). When you are done, i.e. healing at Pokécenter, buying items from Pokémart, move on to Route 3 by going east.


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