Route 10 North


There is a Pokécenter here right next to the Rock Tunnel. Let one of your Pokémon learn the HM Flash before entering it.

The legendary bird, Zapdos can be found here. However, the Feather of Zapdos should be obtained first which can drop from any Pokémon in here or Power Plant when your Electric-type leading Pokémon is alive. Let your living leading Pokémon hold it and you will have a very small chance of encountering Zapdos. Come back again later if you intend to find this legendary bird because it will be at level 85.

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Wild Pokémon of Level 10 – 15 are encountered here:
Pokémon Type Method Rarity Rate
Normal Member Gold Member
Pokemon Spearow Spearow Normal Flying Grass Common 88% 82%
Pokemon Ekans Ekans Poison Grass Uncommon 4% 6%
Pokemon Sandshrew Sandshrew Ground Grass Uncommon 4% 6%
Pokemon Voltorb Voltorb Electric Grass Uncommon 4% 6%
Pokemon Magikarp Magikarp Water Fishing Common 87.22% 80.83%
Pokemon Krabby Krabby Water Fishing Uncommon 12% 18%
Pokemon Horsea Horsea Water Fishing Rare 0.68% 1.02%
Pokemon Psyduck Psyduck Water Fishing Very Rare 0.033% 0.05%
Pokemon Slowpoke Slowpoke Water Psychic Fishing Very Rare 0.033% 0.05%
Pokemon Gyarados Gyarados Water Flying Fishing Very Rare 0.033% 0.05%
Pokemon Tentacool Tentacool Water Poison Surfing Common 100% 100%

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