[Optional|Bicylcle] Route 16

Note: This area is optional & Bike is needed.
Route 16 is split into the upper and lower segment by fences. The upper segment does not require a bike and there is a grass patch for you to find Snorlax. Go into the house with a blue roof and speak with Sora, who will give you the HM Fly. Please note that unlike the original game, HM Fly is only a battle move and it is not usable outside battle in this game.

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Wild Pokémon of Level 12 – 17 are encountered here:
Pokémon Type Method Rarity Rate
Normal Member Gold Member
Pokemon Rattata Rattata Normal Grass Common 43.95% 40.92%
Pokemon Spearow Spearow Normal Flying Grass Common 43.95% 40.92%
Pokemon Raticate Raticate Normal Grass Uncommon 12% 18%
Pokemon Doduo Doduo Normal Flying Grass Very Rare 0.1% 0.15%
Pokemon Snorlax Snorlax Normal Grass Extremely Rare 0.008% 0.012%
Go to the lower segment if you have a bike in your inventory as it is needed to pass the gate. You will see a group of 6 bikers waiting to challenge you for battles. After defeating all, head south to Route 17.

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