Team Rocket Hide Out (Celadon City)


This is the place where your first battle with the Team Rocket Boss, Giovanni take place, in order to obtain the item Silph Scope to access the top floor of Lavender Tower. To do so, you will have to get the Lift Key first. Note that the spin tiles on Rocket Hideout F2 and F3 are not working in this game so you can walk as per normal on it. Take the stairs and go down to Rocket Hideout F4. Win the battle against the only Rocket Grunt standing there and you will get the Lift Key. Return to Rocket Hideout F2 by stairs and enter the elevator located in the bottom right corner, which will take you to the eastern segment of Rocket Hideout F4. To get the Silph Scope, you must emerge victorious against Giovanni.

Click to see Pokemon Trainers on F1

Click to see Pokemon Trainers on F2

Click to see Pokemon Trainers on F3

Click to see Pokemon Trainers on F4

After defeating Giovanni, step into the elevator again and it will automatically takes you to the Rocket Hideout F1. Leave Rocket Game Corner and heal your Pokémon at the Pokécenter if you need to, before going into the Celadon Gym. Remember to bring a Pokémon that knows the HM Cut.


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