Violet Gym

Violet Gym is the first of the gyms in the Johto Region, Falkner is the gym leader and specializes in Flying Types. A Rock, Ice or Electric type will be extremely useful such as a Golem or Magnemite since they both are super effective against Flying and are able to withstand hits as well since Flying/Normal moves aren’t very effective against them.

Trainers Pokemon Type Level
Bird Keeper Abe Fearow Normal/Flying 61
Bird Keeper Abe Fearow Normal/Flying 63
Pidgeot Normal/Flying 63
Falkner Pidgeot Normal/Flying 61
Fearow Normal/Flying 61
Xatu Psychic/Flying 61
Gligar Ground/Flying 62
Aerodactyl Flying/Rock 63
Skarmory Steel/Flying 63



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